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Just trying to make this a great source of information for anyone curious about That '70s Show. :) I am a bureaucrat and longtime admin of this wiki.

My specialties

  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Misspellings

My beliefs

The wikia

  • This wiki serves as a type of advertisement for the show, possibly drawing in people to the show in one way or another, so it is important things are detailed when possible.
    • I believe it is possible that any article may drive someone to watch the show or any article may serve to ease someone's confusion, which is why it is important each article is fleshed out eventually and look encyclopedic so it looks legitimate.
  • We are all our own separate people and we will have our own take on different aspects of the wiki. This can be bad and this can be good, but in the end, we all change what we believe needs to be changed.
  • There are 7 important aspects to an article: Optional quick summary (hopefully different from the necessary infobox, but likely not), episode summary, full cast/crew, trivia, links, screenshots and mechanics/grammar/spelling.
  • Whether someone contributes daily, multiple times daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or every other year, this does not dictate how dedicated someone is to the wikia or how much they love the show. This wikia is a recreational activity and many people have busy, enriched, time-consuming lives or may simply forget about the wikia for a time due to other things in their lives.
  • Here are my rules for the wiki, basically, speaking as an admin/bureaucrat:
    1. Encyclopedic writing, when possible, at all times. Do as an encyclopedia would do.
    2. All topics, concerning the show, are allowed, due to the show being somewhat crass many times, itself. However, all articles must strictly adhere to the show. Blogs, personal pages, and forum topics can deviate from what the show portrayed. Language is only allowed in blogs and personal pages. Bad words the characters have used are allowed on the appropriate pages.
    3. Any writer, producer, actor may have a page. This is a wikia, a source of all for the show. However, please have a definite source to back up any claims of exceptionally small concepts or parts and please back up all links with existing pages or create a new one.
    4. We've all (or almost all) been in school where things are needlessly repeated to us in books and tablet articles. Let's try to not do that on this wiki. Information appears once on the page, unless the article is long.

The show

  • I really wanted Kelso and Jackie to work, but know that truly Jackie and Hyde should have been together. But I still really wanted Kelso and Jackie, even before the actors became a couple in real life. Yes, that makes total sense. ;-)
  • If I had written the show, Donna and Eric would have stayed together for much longer and Randy would have been less of a romantic force in Donna's life. The ending would have had them rekindling their relationship.
  • The show did a good job making Fez and Jackie being together in the end. It was just above the point of non-believable. Fez had toned down his gross ways to instead being a promiscuous man of sorts and Jackie did not care and just wanted Fez as the person he was. That worked, in my opinion.
  • I know it was the '70s, but Brooke Shields as Bob's girlfriend? That would never happen! In my opinion, at the very least, her beauty needed to be toned down. Just because Jackie is unconventionally beautiful does not mean her mother still is, and especially if dating Bob!
  • I think Donna's sister should have been a minor background character. Some people say that would be unnecessary, but I think it would have been a nice little ornamental touch. She would not have needed to have been cast, or the maybe she would never have lines and would be in the background. With Donna's parents having their past and personal lives they have, I think Donna having a sibling would have made sense as they had planned to be the case earlier.