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Topher Grace is an American actor, best known for portraying lead character Eric Forman on the long-running FOX sitcom That '70s Show and villain Eddie Brock, Jr./Venom in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3.


Topher's first movie role was a bit part as an overachieving rich prep school teen who introduces his girlfriend to crack cocaine and helps her ruin her life. He did another bit role as a man who's interested in marrying his sweetheart with intentions for her to be a homemaker and mother to his children, echoing a plot he did on That '70's Show in Mona Lisa Smile.

He recieved particular acclaim and proved himself worthy as a bone-fide leading man and star for doing two of the best films of 2004: P.S. and In Good Company. His roles in lesser films were the role of the sweethearted true-love interest in Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! and a voice-over in the universally hated stinkbomb live-action Pinocchio.

He is currently at work on an autobiographical film co-conceived by himself that owes a lot to his work during his freshman years on That '70's Show. The film takes place in the '80's. He himself will star.


  • Topher Grace made a cameo appearance as himself in Ocean's 11. In the movie, Brad Pitt's character was teaching a group of teen actors, including Topher, to play poker. Topher's line "All reds!" as he laid down a hand of mismatched diamonds and hearts was unscripted.
  • He appeared again as himself in Ocean's 12 going through a downward spiral of his teen stardom, long wily hair and a unkempt beard, claiming he left the "'70's Show" to appear in a "Dennis Quaid movie which he phoned in."
  • He appeared as a bearded cameraman following J. Jonah Jameson and around while filming Spider-Man and several multiversal villains in the 2021 Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film Spider-Man: No Way Home; he is uncredited for his cameo role.