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All 6 original members

The Gang are the main protagonists of the series, composed of the teenaged regular cast members. All 6 members appear in all 8 seasons of the show. (NOTE: Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher only appear as guests in season 8)

Core Members

Eric Forman - (seasons 1-7, special guest cameo season 8)
Donna Pinciotti - (seasons 1-8)
Steven Hyde - (seasons 1-8)
Michael Kelso - (seasons 1-7, special guest star season 8)
Jackie Burkhart - (seasons 1-8)
Fez - (seasons 1-8)

Supporting Members

Laurie Forman - (seasons 2-3)
Randy Pearson - (season 8)
Leo Chingkwake - (seasons 2-4,7-8)

Guest Members

Rhonda Tate (season 4)
Mitch Miller - (season 6)
Charlie Richardson - (season 7, flashback season 8)
Roy Keene - (seasons 5-6)
Andrew Davis - (season 8, finale part 1)
Brooke Rockwell - (season 6, guest season 7)


  • Each member of the gang has a different personality and to one and other. Eric - nerd; Donna - tomboy; Hyde - tough guy; Kelso - dumb; Jackie - spoiled brat; Fez - modern man.
  • Almost everyone owns or has owned a car:
  • The gang, as it has been seen throughout the series' run, seems to have been formed just before the events of the pilot episode, with Fez having just joined it (in the pilot, Kelso refers to him as "the foreign kid Fez", as if to remind Eric who Fez is, and Jackie meets him for the first time) , and Jackie only hanging around because of Kelso and being accepted by nobody else.

    The gang