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Season 8 is the final season of the American television series That '70s Show. It premiered on November 2, 2005 and concluded on May 18, 2006 with an hour long series finale around the same time the last episode aired as the series' two-hundreth episode.


Kitty tries to get Red to admit that he misses Eric, who is off teaching in Africa. Hyde returns after an extended absence. Complicating Jackie's attempts to make up with him, Hyde is now married to a stripper named Samantha who he met in a drunken stupor in Vegas. After learning about Sam's past, Kitty wants Red to kick her out of the house. Hyde tries to fire Leo, who has turned the record store into a hippie haven, but just ends up hiring new help, a guy named Randy, who starts dating Donna when her long-distance relationship with Eric proves too hard to maintain.

With Kelso in Chicago to be closer to his baby, Jackie moves into his old room in Fez's apartment. Fez gets a new girlfriend, while Jackie deals with a difficult new boss and starts to feel like maybe she should be in a relationship with Fez. Naturally, they end up feuding before she finally reveals her true feelings to him. Red retires and sells his muffler shop, and the Formans decide to sell their home. Finally, on the last day of the '70s, Eric flies home from Africa, just in time ring in the new decade with his family and friends... but will Donna be there to welcome him home?


Main Cast

Special Guest Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Yvette Nicole Brown as Sgt. Davis
  • Allison Munn as Caroline

Special Appearance by

  • Bruce Willis as Vic
  • Don Knotts as The Landlord
  • Dick Van Patten as Murph
  • Gavin MacLeod as Smitty
  • Isaac Hayes as Himself
  • Tom Bosley as Dr. Hammond
  • Barry Williams as Jeff
  • Christopher Knight as Josh
  • Justin Long as Andrew



This season marked a major change in the series as the first and only season without the show's main character, Eric Forman (Topher Grace), since he left the show at the end of Season 7 to star in "Spider-Man 3". Ashton Kutcher (Michael Kelso) actually quit the show at the end of Season 7, but appeared in the first four episodes of season 8 to give closure to Kelso and appeared again in the series finale "That '70s Finale". A new character was introduced to take Eric's place named Randy Pearson (portrayed by new cast member Josh Meyers). Also, Leo (Tommy Chong) returned as a main character following his return to the series in the seventh season (in a special guest role). Season 8 was also the shortest season of the show, only lasting for 22 episodes.


  • Topher Grace returns for the finale in an uncredited role.
  • Kitty has a new haircut for the last season because Debra Jo Rupp (the person portraying Kitty) was burnout and even temporarily damaged her hair from fixing it for the show.
  • Unlike the other seasons, Season 8 received a good amount of hate, as a lot of people thought it was a huge fan slap and that the Randy character played by Josh Meyers was a terrible replacement for Eric and that the relationship between Jackie and Hyde was destroyed to resemble their hostile relationship in season 1 completely destroying their character and relationship growth.
    • The new showrunners even admitted to hating the Jackie and Hyde relationship and their disdain for Jackie's character which contributed to the way in which her character was treated throughout the season.
  • This season also lost a lot of viewers compared to the other seasons, hence why this was ultimately the final season.
  • This season is set entirely in 1979, with the final seconds of the series being the final seconds of that year.
  • All episodes of Season 8, except the finale, are named after songs by Queen.
  • The opening sequence for season 8 features the cast sitting in the circle, lip synching the song as the camera moves around to show each character.
  • Despite only appearing in five episodes, Kelso is featured on the disc and cover art of Fox's DVD set for Season 8, and billed in the cast list as a special guest star.


Image Title Airdate Episode Production Code
31912002.jpg Bohemian Rhapsody November 2, 2005 8.01 801

Kitty and Red discover their empty nest isn't very empty, even with Eric in Africa. Meanwhile, Hyde returns from Las Vegas, where he went to clear his mind after catching Jackie and Kelso in a compromising position. But when Kelso and Donna tell Jackie that Hyde planned on proposing to her, Jackie tries to win him back, only to discover that what happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas.

T7S802.jpg Somebody to Love November 2, 2005 8.02 802

Things go from bad to worse for Hyde, who discovers that while he was away, Leo nearly put the record store out of business. But Hyde's plan to fire Leo goes up in smoke when he ends up keeping Leo and hiring a new guy, Randy. Meanwhile, Jackie decides to move on and drags Donna and Fez out for a night on the town, but ends up humiliating herself when she gets a little too much exposure.

YoureMyBestFriend.jpg You're My Best Friend November 9, 2005 8.03 804

In honor of Hyde's new married status, the guys decide to throw him a belated surprise bachelor party. But when Kelso gets distracted by a new ice cream girl, the guys are the ones left out in the cold. Meanwhile, Jackie questions Donna's loyalty after Donna befriends Hyde's new stripper wife.

804.jpeg Misfire November 16, 2005 8.04 805

Kelso makes one last move on Jackie, but is offered a job at the Playboy Club in Chicago. Red and Kitty celebrate their anniversary, and Donna feels bad when Eric calls Kitty much more often than he calls her. Randy tries to console Donna.

70Show805.jpg Stone Cold Crazy November 30, 2005 8.05 803

Hyde's new wife Samantha, a former stripper, tries to help Kitty and Donna spice up their relationships. Meanwhile, Fez quickly learns that living with a girl may not be as great as it seems.

RedBob8x06.jpg Long Away December 7, 2005 8.06 806

When Donna and Randy spend more time together, Fez and Jackie suspect that there's more going on than just a friendship. However, they quickly learn their lesson when their poor detective skills get them into trouble. Meanwhile, Red gains a newfound respect for Leo.

Falso burger mascot.jpg Fun It December 14, 2005 8.07 807

Randy gets himself and the gang in trouble after they steal the Fatso Burger mascot and upset the whole town. Jackie lets out her fear of clowns, Fez unsuccessfully tries to hate Randy and Donna gives in to her dark side.

808.jpeg Good Company January 12, 2006 8.08 808

Jackie discovers Donna's crush on Randy, while Kitty is angry at Fez after he begins dating one of her friends. Donna's birthday is approaching and her friends don't know what present to give her.

809.jpeg Who Needs You January 19, 2006 8.09 811

Donna hosts an on-air fundraiser for the children’s library. Jackie and Fez risk getting kicked out of their apartment. Hyde and Samantha reveal how they keep their relationship passionate.

810christine.jpeg Sweet Lady January 26, 2006 8.10 809

Donna is suspicious of Randy's intentions when he invites her to a cabin under questionable pretenses. Jackie wants to work for Christine St. George, a talk show host for What's Up, Wisconsin?. Hyde meets Red's friends and questions his marriage.

Favscene.png Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy February 2, 2006 8.11 810

Jackie needs Kitty's help to get Christine St. George to like her. Leo has a crush on someone quite unexpected and asks the other guys for help.

812.jpeg Killer Queen February 9, 2006 8.12 812

It's Valentine's Day and Red has trouble finding Kitty a gift when his present stash is found empty after he lets Hyde pick one for Samantha. Fez and Jackie fake a relationship for Christine St. George on What's Up, Wisconsin? when a guest fails to appear. Donna helps Randy plan out his Valentine's Day and is surprised to learn who his date is.

813.jpeg Spread Your Wings March 16, 2006 8.13 813

Donna unsuccessfully tries to keep her relationship with Randy a secret. Fez tries to impress a co-worker named Hillary at all costs, while Jackie gets a new job, but finds it quite disappointing. Kitty and Red clean Eric's old bedroom with Randy's help. Things take a turn for the worse when Kitty catches Randy and Donna kissing in the room.

0d9c6881bff3d173b66f71af30e09cb1.jpg Son and Daughter March 23, 2006 8.14 817

When Hyde's father asks him to housesit while he's out of town, the gang convinces Hyde to throw a party. Meanwhile, Kitty uncovers the real reason she's upset Donna is dating Randy.

70s8x15.jpg Keep Yourself Alive April 13, 2006 8.15 814

Fez loses Kitty's wedding ring and the gang spends their night in the woods looking for it, with Donna and Randy trying desperately to be alone, but unable to due to Jackie and Hyde's fighting. Red is uncomfortable when Bob says too much about the same ring in front of Kitty.

5075cdadacda8e42752465829.jpg My Fairy King April 27, 2006 8.16 815

Hyde finds out a terrible truth about Samantha that causes their marriage to end. A rival muffler shop might force Red into retirement. Jackie makes up a list of qualities she needs in a man and is overwhelmed when she realizes who her perfect match is.

817fez.jpeg Crazy Little Thing Called Love April 27, 2006 8.17 816

Jackie discusses her feelings towards Fez with a therapist, who tells Jackie she is only interested in unavailable men. Hyde keeps a retired Red busy, but regrets it later. Meanwhile, Fez is dumped for a very unusual reason.

That70Show818.jpg We Will Rock You May 4, 2006 8.18 818

Jackie and Fez's love of The Village People inspires the rest of the gang to hold a "Disco Sucks" bonfire. While there, Donna meets some of Randy's ex-girlfriends, and Hyde meets the local law enforcement officer. Meanwhile, Red and Kitty meet their new neighbors

Tumblr mpuo9sVxdu1sukj3xo1 500.jpg Sheer Heart Attack May 4, 2006 8.19 820

After numerous amorous adventures, Fez decides to stay with only one girl, and returns to ex-girlfriend Caroline, much to Jackie's dismay. Red and Hyde try to sell unneeded heart pills without Kitty's consent.

5.jpg Leaving Home Ain't Easy May 11, 2006 8.20 819

When Jackie declares her love to Fez and gets turned down, she makes his life miserable until Fez fights back in an all-out war. Meanwhile, Bob decides to sell his house and move to Florida, which sparks some life-changing decisions for Donna.

That-70s-finale-20060517051949483.jpg Love of My Life May 18, 2006 8.21 821

Red and Kitty try to sell their house, while Jackie must choose if she wants to be with Fez or not, as he considers returning to his home country. Randy tries to figure out what went wrong in his relationship with Donna and Hyde tries to stop using marijuana after a bad experience.

822.jpeg That '70s Finale May 18, 2006 8.22 822

In the series finale, it is December 31, 1979, the final day of the 1970s. Eric is coming back from Africa, Hyde helps a hesitant Kitty and Red decide about moving. Fez searches for the perfect time and place for his first kiss with Jackie while Kelso returns to spend the last night of the 1970s with his friends.