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Season 6 of American television series That '70s Show, aired on FOX from October 29, 2003 to May 19, 2004.


Eric and Donna look forward to their move, which is put on hold by Red's convalescence, while Fez laments the fact that Laurie isn't acting like a real wife. Jackie waits too long to decide between Kelso and Hyde, losing them both. Kelso works hard to train for the police academy and fend off Jackie's attempts to make him jealous. Kitty, working overtime, looks forward to Red's doctor clearing him to resume having sex. Sex is exactly what gets Kelso in trouble, when a one-time fling with hot librarian Brooke results in an unintended pregnancy and forces Kelso to prove he can be counted on.

Red reluctantly helps Fez prepare for a meeting with INS agents investigating his marriage to Laurie. Marriage is on Donna's mind as well, while Red is determined that Laurie get a divorce. Jackie's mother returns to Point Place and quickly latches on to Bob. Kitty finds out Hyde's dad is not actually his biological father. Ultimately everyone starts to panic—about babies, about weddings, about the future and the past—leading to epiphanies and life-altering decisions.


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  • All episodes are named after songs by The Who.
  • This is the last season to feature the character of Laurie Forman. In addition to being downgraded to recurring, Christina Moore replace Lisa Robin Kelly after the latter was unable to reprise her role.
  • Season 6 is set between 1978 and 1979.


Season 6/Gallery


Image Title Original Airdate No. in season Production Code
T7S601.jpg The Kids Are Alright October 29, 2003 6.01 601

After Red's heart attack, Kitty has to take extra hospital shifts to support the family, worrying Eric, which he believes is a way to guilt him into not going to Madison with Donna. Jackie finally decides on Hyde over Kelso, but finds out the one she chooses already has another girl.

JoinTogether.jpg Join Together November 5, 2003 6.02 602

Hyde is still giving Jackie the cold shoulder, so Kelso decides to help get them back together. Eric depresses Donna about the last things they can do before she goes to Madison, just to have sex, and Kitty throws away all of Red's beer as a precaution to a future heart attack.

603.jpeg Magic Bus November 12, 2003 6.03 603

It's Eric's 18th birthday and Donna is ready to leave for Madison. At the same time, he wonders why his "surprise birthday party" isn't being arranged by Kitty who has other plans in mind with Red.

604.jpeg The Acid Queen November 19, 2003 6.04 604

Kelso tries to convince the gang he did it with Brooke, a former senior in high school when the gang were sophomores, during a Molly Hatchet concert, but she denies it. Jackie becomes jealous after Hyde admits Brooke is attractive, but he doesn't know how to lie righteously to her, and Kelso finds out Brooke's pregnant.

ImFree.jpg I'm Free November 26, 2003 6.05 605

In order to get past an INS investigator on Fez and Laurie's marital status, Fez must live with the Formans to avoid deportation. Meanwhile, Brooke tells Kelso he's off the hook, but Kelso feels he has a responsibility to support her.

T7S606.jpg We're Not Gonna Take It December 3, 2003 6.06 606

Kelso and Eric vie for a waiter job at Hyde's workplace and Red wants Fez and Laurie to get a divorce, until mysterious gifts suddenly arrive at the Formans' door. Donna and Jackie send fudge to a depressed Bob, disguised as secret admirers, to make him happy.

Christmas607.jpg Christmas December 17, 2003 6.07 607

Jackie brings the gang to a high school Christmas dance in order for her to get back at the cheerleading squad for kicking her out. Eric, Donna, Hyde, and Fez are treated as celebrities at the dance, while Kelso wants to spend the night with Brooke at the library. Meanwhile, Red works in the local mall as Santa Claus, but Bob wants the job too.

805-37.jpg I'm a Boy January 7, 2004 6.08 608

Eric decides to lounge around at home and become obese, never leaving the comfort of his bed again. Kelso wants to start a serious relationship with Brooke, so he invites her, Hyde, and Jackie to go on a double date. Meanwhile, Fez drives Red around because of his heart attack and gets irritated.

000f90d96bbd4ecdd3b40bd72a56317a.jpg Young Man Blues January 14, 2004 6.09 609

Kelso starts his first day as a cadet at the police academy, while Red teaches Eric to do housework, including plumbing and fixing the lawnmower. Jackie enrolls in a Big Sister program, but Donna bets she can't do a good enough job as a big sister.

T7S610.jpg A Legal Matter February 4, 2004 6.10 610

Fez needs to take an exam to become an American citizen, so Red educates him about American history. Kelso thinks he is the academy's "stooge" and asks Eric and Hyde to help him break into the station to locate his file for verification.

611.jpeg I Can See for Miles February 11, 2004 6.11 611

After Kelso vandalizes one of Eric's belongings, Eric and Donna steal his van and travel to their planned wedding location. With his van gone, Kelso needs to find a way to take Brooke to a doctor's appointment, while Jackie redecorates Hyde's room, much to his discomfort, and Red is displeased when Bob gives him a pair of shoes.

SallySimpson.jpg Sally Simpson February 18, 2004 6.12 612

Fez falls for Suzy, one of Kelso's classmates at the police academy, however, her feelings lie on Kelso, which may cause his and Fez's friendship to break. A therapist wants to know the origin of Red's stress and Kitty believes the fault lies directly on her.

Hqdefaulte.jpg Won't Get Fooled Again February 25, 2004 6.13 613

Donna thinks she is pregnant, having missed a day from taking her birth control pills, which angers Red and Bob. After their dispute for Suzy, Kelso and Fez cease their friendship, but she tries to make amends for the both of them.

BabyDontYouDoIt.jpg Baby Don't You Do It March 3, 2004 6.14 614

Due to the false pregnancy scare, Eric and Donna are sent to attend premarital counseling at church, and a lie they tell puts them in an embarrassing situation. Kelso continues to lie to Brooke about his failing marks on his Penal Code tests and trouble comes when he accidentally sets the police academy on fire. After the premarital counseling, Donna decides she and Eric need to be celibate until they are married.

WhoAreYou.jpg Who Are You March 10, 2004 6.15 615

Jackie's mother, Pam, returns from Acapulco and starts dating Bob and Kelso is reluctant about going to the police academy, forcing Eric, Hyde and Fez to get him back on his feet. Meanwhile, Donna's celibacy begins to drive Eric mad.

Hottub.png Man with Money March 17, 2004 6.16 616

Red is at the mercy of a heart rate monitor, as it always goes off whenever Pam is around, making Kitty suspicious of him being attracted to her. Donna and Jackie try to split Bob and Pam up and have the idea of using Fez to seduce Pam.

6x17.jpg Happy Jack March 24, 2004 6.17 617

Donna is horrified after she finds Eric masturbating in her bathroom. Meanwhile, Hyde and Fez go to the academy to visit Kelso, but what they find is a completely straight-forward, honest person, rather than the bumbling idiot they know and love.

70s3.jpg Do You Think It's Alright? March 31, 2004 6.18 618

Eric and Donna have to go register for wedding gifts, but he does not like shopping with Donna. Hyde is worried all this wedding talk will make Jackie pressure him into proposing to her. Meanwhile, Red begins reading one of Kitty's erotic novels.

Substitute.png Substitute April 21, 2004 6.19 619

Eric feels bad after injuring Mitch (Seth Green), a former high school classmate, at a mini-golf stand and offers him to hang out in his basement. However, he begins to regret it, as Mitch starts making him look bad. Meanwhile, when Bob invites Pam to live with him, she breaks up with him, and Donna and Jackie try to get them back together.

Squeezebox.png Squeezebox April 28, 2004 6.20 620

Eric's fidelity is in question, after he reveals he dated another girl when Donna and Casey were together. After Red and Hyde moved Pam's belongings into Bob's house, the two are speechless when they see Pam topless, and must try every way to hide this fact from Kitty and Jackie.

621.jpeg 5:15 May 5, 2004 6.21 621

Donna pretends to be Mitch's date for his brother's wedding, but he tells everyone she is his fiancée, proving Eric's suspicion of Mitch's growing affection for Donna. To regain his honor, Mitch challenges him to a fight. Meanwhile, Fez pretends to be rich, in order to impress a girl he meets at the wedding. Kelso and Brooke attend parenting classes with Kitty as the instructor, and Red installs cable TV, only to have someone steal the signal.

622dress.jpeg Sparks May 12, 2004 6.22 623

Eric accidentally ruins Donna's wedding dress and must find a way to prevent her from knowing. Red, under the influence, buys a canoe at an auction with Kitty's wedding gift money and has to find another present to give to Eric, thus Hyde, Kelso and Fez try to find humorous ways of misusing the canoe.

My wife.png My Wife May 16, 2004 6.23 622

Eric thinks he is holding Donna back on college and her dreams, after she leases a trailer for the two of them. While the guys go to Eric's bachelor party at a strip club, the girls attend Donna's bachelorette party, where they find Kelso's older brother Casey.

14.jpg Going Mobile May 19, 2004 6.24 624

As their wedding day approaches, Eric is having second thoughts, after a dream leaves him bewildered about his future and married life, and even Donna starts having cold feet. Hyde and Fez play their own form of rock-paper-scissors to determine who will be Eric's best man, and Kelso meets Brooke's mother, who wants Brooke to move to Chicago, Illinois with her. Eric disappears before the wedding rehearsal.

Note: This is the last episode of with Laurie Forman in the show and the end of the character, Laurie would be rarely mentioned after this episode.

625.jpeg The Seeker May 19, 2004 6.25 625

With the wedding called off, Donna commiserates with Hyde at the water tower. After she accidentally knocks him off, Hyde ends up in the hospital, where nurse Kitty, researching his records, finds a different man listed on Hyde's birth certificate than the man Hyde had always thought was his father. Eric eventually returns, sneaking into Donna's bedroom to explain his disappearance, and Donna agrees she, too, was not ready for marriage.