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Season 3 of American television series That '70s Show aired on FOX from October 3, 2000 to May 22, 2001.


The gang is relieved when Hyde gets out of jail, but Red is now on a strict warpath. Despite a few missteps, Eric and Donna's relationship makes strides as they begin to imagine their futures together. Eric also makes progress at work—as does Donna—but Donna also discovers some painful truths about her dad. Jackie sets her sights on a resisting Hyde, while Kelso makes a concerted effort to win her back. Fez finally gets a girlfriend, Caroline, who turns out to be crazy. Kitty is frustrated by her family taking her for granted, and wonders what it might be like to have another baby in the house. Eric and Kelso decide to take their relationships with Donna and Jackie to the next level, but with unforeseeable results.


Topher Grace as Eric Forman (25 episodes)
Mila Kunis as Jackie Burkhart (25 episodes)
Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso (25 episodes)
Danny Masterson as Steven Hyde (25 episodes)
Laura Prepon as Donna Pinciotti (25 episodes)
Wilmer Valderrama as Fez (25 episodes)
Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty Forman (25 episodes)
Kurtwood Smith as Red Forman (25 episodes)
Tanya Roberts as Midge Pinciotti (13 episodes)
Don Stark as Bob Pinciotti (14 episodes)
Lisa Robin Kelly as Laurie Forman (9 episodes)

Special Guest Stars

Tommy Chong as Leo
Robert Hays as Bud Hyde
Howard Hesseman as Max
Valerie Harper as Paula Sigurdson

Guest starring

Kevin McDonald as Pastor Dave
Robert Clendenin as Earl Arthur
Allison Munn as Caroline Dupree
Marnette Patterson as Shelly
Jeff Doucette as Dale
Broc Benedict as Young Eric
Joey Zimmerman as Young Hyde
Ethan Peck as Young Kelso
Ashley Peldon as Teen Kitty
Kala Savage as Teen Paula
Jim Beaver as Tony
Jordan Masterson as Paperboy


  • This season is set between 1977 and 1978.


Season 3/Gallery



Reefer Madness

October 3, 2000 3.01 301

Since Red learns what Hyde is in jail for, he is thinking about kicking Hyde out. To keep that from happening, Eric wonders if he should tell Red about his marijuana use. Jackie becomes infatuated with Hyde, even if he doesn't love her back.

Red Sees Red

October 10, 2000 3.02 302

Red puts the Forman house under a strict curfew after Eric reveals his marijuana use, booby-trapping the house. Laurie is happy about Eric's situation until she discovers she's under the curfew as well, and Kitty does everything to make Red change his mind.

Hyde's Father

October 17, 2000 3.03 304

Hyde's father, Bud, returns to Point Place, but Hyde is reluctant to make amends, while Kitty tries to get them to reconcile. However, Red doesn't think it's a good idea for Hyde to get back with Bud. Meanwhile, Donna is angry at Eric for keeping a stash of Playpen magazines under his bed.

Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die

October 31, 2000 3.04 303

The gang share a strange Halloween, complete with comic spoofs of several Alfred Hitchcock movies, including Psycho, The Birds, Rear Window, Vertigo, and North by Northwest. Eric has vertigo after falling off the garage roof, Fez and Hyde spy on the Pinciottis, thinking Bob killed Midge, while Donna wants to prove to Eric that she's not boring. Meanwhile, Kitty and Laurie have a hard time feeding a neighbor's birds and a paperboy whom Red forgot to pay mistakes Kelso for someone in the Forman family and stalks him.

Roller Disco

November 14, 2000 3.05 305

Jackie and Fez compete together in a roller disco, which could prove useful for Fez towards winning her heart. Red gets sued by a former Price Mart employee for wrongful termination.

Eric's Panties

November 21, 2000 3.06 307

Donna suspects Eric is cheating on her after finding a pair of panties in his car, but its owner turns out to be someone she knows. Kitty is concerned with Red's high blood pressure and puts him on a less than satisfactory diet.

Baby Fever

November 28, 2000 3.07 306

Kitty wants to have another child after taking care of a neighbor's baby. Donna is not pleased with Eric's vision of their future with her as a housewife and Kelso demands payment from Jackie after she crashes his van.

Jackie Bags Hyde

December 12, 2000 3.08 308

It's Veterans Day and Bob throws a Veterans Day barbecue party, which Red usually does every year, fueling a rivalry between the neighbors. Hyde finally realizes he likes Jackie enough to ask her out on a date.

Hyde's Christmas Rager

December 19, 2000 3.09 311

Red and Kitty try to set Bud straight about parenting after Eric gets drunk during a Christmas party at Hyde's apartment. Jackie takes Donna out so they can meet older men, but she is in for a shock.

Ice Shack

009 (1).jpg
January 9, 2001 3.10 309

Kelso takes Eric, Donna, Jackie and Fez to an ice shack where he intends to win Jackie back. Leo asks Hyde to get something for him, which could land Hyde in jail again, and Red confronts Laurie with what she plans to do with her life.

Who Wants It More?

January 10, 2001 3.11 314

Eric and Donna stop having sex after arguing on a school assignment. Kelso convinces Hyde, Fez and Leo to go UFO hunting with him while a near-death experience enlightens Red on the idea of friendship.

Fez Gets the Girl

3696706283 64c3615e02 m.jpg
January 16, 2001 3.12 310

Fez becomes attracted to a new transfer student, Caroline (Allison Munn), while Donna scores two tickets to a Led Zeppelin concert, but doesn't know who to take. Red is concerned Eric will put off a college education and Kitty becomes Laurie's model for a cosmetic assignment at beauty school.

Dine and Dash

January 30, 2001 3.13 312

Kelso takes the gang out to dinner, but reveals he has no intention of paying. Kitty thinks Red should offer an unemployed Bob a job at Price Mart.

Radio Daze

February 6, 2001 3.14 315

Donna gets a job at a radio station and Eric feels like she's spending more time there than with him. Kelso wants to buy Leo's El Camino and Red feels guilty after a Fatso Burger employee he's familiar with is fired over a complaint he makes.

Donna's Panties

February 13, 2001 3.15 313

Eric pulls down Donna's pants during a game of basketball and her "Granny Panties" are exposed and Eric must deal with the repercussions. Valentine's Day occurs and Kelso makes a shocking discovery about Laurie.

Romantic Weekend

February 20, 2001 3.16 316

Eric and Donna go away for a romantic weekend at a hotel, but find someone else at the same place, putting their plans off. When Kelso underperforms during a makeout session with another girl, he fears for his waning libido.

Kitty's Birthday (That's Today?!)

February 27, 2001 3.17 317

Eric and Red forget Kitty's birthday and the two must make up by doing something she's wanted to do for a long time. Kelso decides to be Jackie's "boy-friend" and Hyde finds Caroline's obsession with Fez a little disturbing.

The Trials of Michael Kelso

TElUBlmuY9Swpo 1 a.jpg
March 13, 2001 3.18 318

Jackie tests Kelso to see if they should get back together and Eric and Hyde help Fez take revenge on a rival school for bullying him. Red and Kitty are curious as to why Bob and Midge didn't invite them to a party.

Eric's Naughty No-No

March 27, 2001 3.19 319

Eric tries a move he sees in a dirty movie on Donna. After being honest with Jackie concerning his whereabouts, Kelso decides to tell Jackie all the lies and secrets he has kept from her, with Hyde's assistance. Kitty's younger sister, Paula, comes for a visit, under false pretenses.

Holy Craps!

April 17, 2001 3.20 320

Kitty makes everyone help her at a church fundraiser, but not according to the way she wants. A churchgoer warns Eric about a future with Donna and Fez must decide whether he should stay with an obsessed Caroline.

Fez Dates Donna

Donna Fez.jpg
May 1, 2001 3.21 321

Fez pretends to date Donna in a ruse to avoid Caroline, while Eric and Hyde start a money pool to see when Kelso and Jackie will argue and bicker again. After looking at his property deed, Bob believes he owns part of Red's property, which frustrates him.

Eric's Drunken Tattoo

Tumblr n81s97czHS1sf74r0o1 500.jpg
May 1, 2001 3.22 322

Eric reads Donna's diary and decides to get a tattoo, believing he's not dangerous enough for her. Kelso talks in his sleep, fueling Jackie's curiosity, and Red spends a day with Pastor Dave, and Red's band-aid accidentally becomes mixed in with Pastor Dave's food.

Canadian Road Trip

May 8, 2001 3.23 324

The guys and Leo go to Canada for beer, but are forced to smuggle Fez when he doesn't have his green card. Donna believes Jackie is being set up by a false modeling agency and Red tests out a recently bought Betamax recorder.

Backstage Pass

May 15, 2001 3.24 323

Donna ditches Eric backstage at a Ted Nugent concert and Kelso delivers a romantic, love-filled day for Jackie, while Red and Kitty can't recall their first meeting with one another.

The Promise Ring

May 8, 2001 3.25 325

Eric gives Donna a promise ring, as a sign they will be together forever. However, Donna is unsure if she's ready for such a commitment and questions their future together.