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"My Fairy King" is the sixteenth episode in the eighth season of That '70s Show, and the one-hundred-ninety-fourth episode overall. It aired on April 27, 2006


Hyde finds out a terrible truth about Samantha and a rival muffler shop might force Red into retirement. Jackie makes up a list of qualities she needs in a man and is overwhelmed when she realizes who her perfect match is.


Main Cast

Guest Starring

  • Jud Tylor as Samantha
  • Lara Everly as Hilary

Also Starring

  • Robert Clotworthy as Customer
  • Sam McMurray as Larry


Sam – You're my husband
Hyde – No, I'm the guy you married because you were bored. Next time try tennis, you lunatic!
Hyde – If I make the basket, I'll stay with Sam; if I miss, she gets the boot. (Makes a shot, which gets caught on the rim)
Donna – God's funny


  • Given Hyde's conversation with Red, he thought he WOULD end up married to someone like Sam, but not at a young age.
  • Jackie's ignorance to stories is elaborated on as she didn't know how the plot of Beauty and the Beast went.
    • This ironically compliments Fez's ignorance about Romeo and Juliet, which he thought would have a happy ending based on the beginning of the story.
    • Adding onto the irony, Jackie dreams that she and Fez are Beauty and the Beast.
      • Funnier still, the credits scene has Fez and Hilary as Beast and Beauty.
  • Fez finds Jackie's moaning in her sleep enjoyable; however, he wakes her up as a gesture of kindness. What she thought of this information is up to debate, given her confused feelings.
  • Hyde finds out that he's not legally married to Samantha, since she was already married to someone else.
  • Given the story about Samantha's other husband, she's either really stupid or manipulative.