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Mitch Miller
Birth name

Mitchell Michael Miller




Blonde (originally)


Charlie Miller(father)
unnamed mother
unnamed older brother

Behind the scenes
Portrayed by

Seth Green

First appearance

The Battle of Evermore (5.17)

Last appearance

5:15 (6.21)

Mitch Miller is a student in the same class as Eric, Hyde, Fez, and Kelso.


In Mitch's first appearance, he had he and his father, Charlie Miller (portrayed by Fred Willard), were competing in the Point Place Paul Bunyan pioneer events. It was after he and his father were losing that he learned that his father liked to wear chaps.

In his second appearance, Mitch is shown as a member of the school paper who wanted to get his driver's license. When Fez refused, he published a photo of Fez and Kelso kissing each other in the school newspaper.

He returns in Substitute as a worker at the Mini golf. After Eric accidentally hits him with a ball, he invites Mitch to hang with the group. While doing so, it is revealed that like Eric, he enjoys Star Wars models and comic books. He also managed to get everyone in the group, with exception of Eric, to like him, resulting in him being invited to spend more time with everyone.

In Squeezebox, he uses the fact that a random girl (Slushee slut) knew Eric as a way to break Donna and Eric up due to him having a crush on Donna Pinciotti.

In his final appearance he asked Donna to be his date to his brother's wedding. Despite Eric's objections, she agreed to go with him. He then invited Jackie to be a chaperone on said date, so Jackie and Fez joined them. The wedding happened to be at the hotel Eric worked at so he decided to switch his shift to observe the date. After revealing this to the table, Eric walks away. During his best man speech, he claims to the crowd that Donna is his fiancee, embarrassing Donna. Returning to the Forman basement, Mitch declares that he has to fight Eric at 5:15 PM the next day. The next day, Mitch showed up for the fight he pulled Eric aside to discuss the fight. Not wanting to fight, Mitch persuaded Eric not to fight with him by offering him a French-made G.I. Joe called "G.I. Jacques".


  • He can do chicken impressions.