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Kelso's van

Michael Kelso has owned three cars in the series:

  1. The first car he first owned was a Dodge A-100 van from 1965 that was given to Kelso from his uncle. Bob Pinciotti laughed at how much a piece of junk it was. He had a Ford Delivery Van in high school, which is implied that he had when he was dating Midge Pinciotti. He told Kelso to "be careful" inside the van because he got Midge got pregnant inside of it. It is next seen in Vanstock when Kelso and The Gang go to Vanstock to have fun. On the way, Hyde torments him by dropping hints about his cheating. The car meets its demise in Ice Shack by sinking to the bottom of an ice pond.
  2. The second one was a Volkswagon Samba bus also from the '60s (specifically 1967). Kelso wins it in a hands-on a hard body contest in Season 4, In Season 4, and Season 5, Kelso, and Donna used it to go to California on the way there, although, on the way back, Eric joined in. However, in Season 6, the car is later accidentally destroyed (of course!) in I Can See for Miles by Eric because he forgot to put the transmission in park mode.
  3. The last one was a 1970's MG convertible bought by Kelso at a police auction in I Can See for Miles, as a way to get around, Brooke Rockwell thinks it's impractical. Kelso mentions someone got stabbed in it. The car is last seen when Kelso drives Jackie to Chicago in it. The car survives and it is unknown what happens to it, Kelso most likely sold after a while.


  • The Volkswagen Bus and the MG Convertible both came with a manual transmission.
  • The Dodge A-100 van has an automatic transmission.
  • The MG has 2 seats.