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HydeActually, you're my first dance
DonnaI'm your first? I'm honoured

Hyde & Donna is a relationship on FOX comedy That '70s Show, portrayed by Danny Masterson and Laura Prepon.

Real Life Relationship

Friends since childhood, Hyde had always liked Donna, a lot for her physical attributes. He had and still admires her femininity, strength, intelligence, and charm.

When he noticed Donna was starting to have a thing for Eric in '76, he and Eric played mind games and verbally insulted each other to win over Donna, despite Hyde initially encouraging Eric to make his move on her.

Eventually broke up with Hyde and started a relationship with Eric after Hyde was moving too fast (ex. kissing her unexpectedly) and Hyde not seeming like her ideal boyfriend, with Hyde quickly moving on from pursuing her, although he does compliment her looks and personality in subtle ways at times, regardless if she was present or not.

Donna still really loves Hyde as a good friend, wanting the best for him as she believes under his hard exterior, he is a good person deserving of love and happiness. Hyde also really loves Donna as a good friend and wants the best for her.

Alternate Life Relationship

In the episode It's a Wonderful Life, an angel takes Eric into an alternate timeline of what it would be like if he were never with Donna.

Instead of Donna kissing Eric in 1976, which changed their relationship from platonic friends to boyfriend and girlfriend, Hyde would have made his move the same day and kissed Donna, changing their relationship to a romantic one. With Eric feeling sorry for himself that Donna is dating with Hyde instead of him, Hyde's influence quickly turns Donna into a rebel, just like him. She starts to wear clothes Hyde approves of, gets a belly button ring, tattoos, and changes her hair just for Hyde. However, Donna also begins to become less assertive, and more of an insecure woman who does not pursue her own interests or goals, opposite to her personality when she was with Eric. They eventually get married in 1983 at her house and have one child together but Hyde gets arrested shortly afterwards.

In 1989, Donna goes to her 10 year high school reunion where she reconciles with Eric. She has since abandoned her rebellious ways of living and now resides in Joliet, Illinois with her three children. When Eric asks about Hyde, Donna says, rather indifferently, that he is gone most of the time due to being in and out of prison. Eric also asks if she is still writing, but she confides that she have up on writing when parenting began taking up most of her time. They admit to one another that they had mutual crushes on each other in high school, but never acted on it. They both hint that they would have rather been together due to both being upset on how their love lives and lives turned out in general but accept they can not change it.