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Below are some Groovypedia formatting do's and don't's:


All words in episode titles are typed in upper case. Example below:


Episode Name is the nth episode of Season X on the FOX comedy That '70s Show.


Always use a colon in front of the actor and bold for the character as such:
:[[Topher Grace]] as '''[[Eric Forman]]'''
Other actors, if any, are divided into:
special guest stars
recurring cast
guest starring
All in bold.


Song title in lower case and bold; separated by vertical line, musician in caps as such:
'''night fever''' | THE BEE GEES

Out of Continuity

Out of Continuity refers to the perspective in which an article is written; it is the opposite of in-show continuity. Something written from an out of continuity (OOC) perspective is written from a real life point of view. It will acknowledge the actual series of That 70's Show, its actors, episodes, crew, and so on, acknowledging that the characters and events in the show are fictional. In contrast, an in-show continuity perspective will strive for verisimilitude; that is, it will be written as though the author existed within the show itself. Articles about any in-show continuity things, such as characters, locations, objects, etc. should always be written from an in-continuity perspective. If a section in the article is not, such as the listing of a character's published appearances or behind the scenes details, it should be tagged as such. In contrast, articles about spin-offs, cultural references, actors, crew, or other real life That '70s Show related material should obviously be written from an out of continuity perspective, but should still be noted as such. Basically, in continuity articles should never refer to That '70s Show by name, or any other real life things such as actors, crew, That '70s Show products, or the like.

This is similar to groovification.


Written in present tense:

  • Episode name is
  • Eric Forman is
  • Topher Grace portrays




{{Quote|Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Kelso nailed your sister|Eric to Hyde|Surprise, Surprise}}


{{Dialogue|Jackie|Lumber jack!|Donna|Little Red Riding B**ch!|Day in the life}}

Please be sure to provide as much information as possible (for instance: source, page if applicable, and characters speaking if applicable).


==Steven Hyde==

If you mark headings this way, a table of contents is automatically generated from the headings in an article. Sections can be automatically numbered for users with that preference set and words within properly marked headings are given greater weight in searches. Headings also help readers by breaking up the text and outlining the article.

  • NOTE! Avoid overuse of sub-headings.
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