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Forman and Son is a fictional business on FOX's comedy That '70s Show. It is located in Point Place.


Forman and Son is a muffler shop owned by Red Forman. When Red opens the store after the vista cruiser needs a new muffler, when he goes to the store he sees that it is out of bussines. that night The gang vandalizes the store (spraying over the -ler in muffler so it says muff) and the morning after Red anounces that he bought the store.


  • The name is ironic as Red only has one son, Eric, who has never worked there.
  • One action Red takes to attract customers is giving away free calenders of partially naked girls crawling over cars.
  • Red sells the store to a major auto-store chain in Season 8 and then retires; it is implied that the store would be demolished and turned into a parking lot for said chain store, which was opening their new Point Place location right across the street.