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Fenton was a jewelry store employee where Eric goes to buy Donna's engagement ring. He appears in several later episodes and becomes the landlord for Fez and Kelso's (later Fez and Jackie's) apartment in seasons 7 and 8.


Fenton is flamboyant and slightly inappropriate. Even though it is never explicitly stated that he is gay, it can be assumed because of his stereotypical personality and appearance.

Upon first meeting Eric, he reveals that he had worked at a lingerie store prior to working at the jewelry store.



Fenton and Fez.jpg

Fez and Fenton are enemies throughout the entire series. In "No Quarter", Fez explains that the start of the feud "involved a half-off sale, a crowded parking lot and a pair of pants that made my ass look like an oil painting". Jim Rash, on his Reddit AMA, confirmed this is a more loosely explanation.

When Fez moved into one of the apartments in his building, he gave Fez parking space 'Z'.

Eric Forman

Eric bought Donna's engagement ring from Fenton. When they first meet and Fenton suggests that Eric buy Donna an engagement ring, they get into an argument. After calming down, Fenton politley asks Eric if He'd like to look around a little more. Eric says he would and apologizes, to which Fenton accepts. In season 6, it appears that they seem to dislike each other because of the ring and Eric not being able to pay for it. When they get into a fight (similar to how Fez and Fenton fight) they both apologize to each other afterwards which shows that they don't hate each other. He doesn't like Donna as much as he likes Jackie as seen in "Do You Think It's Alright?".

Jackie Burkhart

When they met in Do You Think It's Alright?, he decided that he preferred her over Donna. Later when Fez and Jackie lived together in one of his buildings, it was her intervention with a fashion fix that kept them from being kicked out.



  • When he agrees to allow Kelso and Fez to move in, its because he believes that they are a couple with a baby.