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"Eric's Birthday" is the second episode of the first season of That '70s Show, and second episode overall. It aired on August 30, 1998.


Red convinces Kitty to leave Eric alone during his surprise birthday party; Eric's older sister arrives.



Guest Starring


Kitty – (immitating Eric) "NOT THE LITTLEST HOBO! WHY?!?!?!


  • In this episode, Eric's birthday is on May 19, born in 1959. But in later episodes, it is changed to March 19, 1960.
  • In this episode, Eric turns 17. However, in the previous episode, he was shown to already be 17, as Donna described him as a "17-year-old man" when they were about to drive the car. This episode also definitely took place after the events of the previous episode, as Donna tells Jackie that she kissed Eric on the hood of the car.
    • In the episode "Magic Bus", Eric had his birthday and it was explicitly and more recurrently mentioned that he was turning 18.
  • Donna mentions that she has an older sister named Valerie. However, in future episodes, Donna would always be an only child, completely denying the existence of Valerie, without explanation.
    • A similar situation would happen in the episode "Eric's Burger Job", where Donna had a younger sister named Tina Pinciotti, who would also be denied in future episodes.