Days Like These was an unsuccessful British TV series remake of the popular American sitcom That 70's Show. After 10 episodes of the 13 in production the show was canceled. The episodes were pretty much verbatim copies of the original, with only cultural references and names of characters being changed, although Eric and Kitty Forman retain their names.



  1. Batteries Not Included (That '70s Pilot)
  2. Eric's Birthday
  3. Crown Jewels (Streaking)
  4. Disco Knights (That Disco Episode)
  5. Double Bill (Drive-In)
  6. I Hate Sundays (Sunday, Bloody Sunday)
  7. Grandma's Dead (Fun Trivia: This episode actually aired about five weeks before the American version)
  8. Stolen Car
  9. The Pill
  10. Equal Rites (Battle of the Sexists)
  11. Title Unknown, Never Aired (Eric's Burger Job)
  12. Title Unknown, Never Aired (Thanksgiving)
  13. Title Unknown, Never Aired (Eric's Buddy)
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