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"Eric – I'm a man, I would like these Playboys
Brooke – (takes the magazines.) Well, you can't have them. I want you to get in your car, buy some flowers, give them to Donna, and thank God an actual live woman lets you touch her
Eric- Yes ma’am.
—Brooke tells Eric how it is[src]

Brooke Rockwell is a high school student who later became Michael Kelso's girlfriend for a time. She later became the mother of his child Betsy Kelso.


Brooke is a smart and attractive librarian and the valedictorian of the high school class two years before Eric's class. The summer after Kelso's graduation, she had sex with him at a concert. The two met again and Brooke turned down his advances by pretending not to know him and his friends didn't believe he slept with her. Later on, Brooke met Kelso again and confirmed to all they slept together before she reveals that she was pregnant with his child, to the shock of him and his friends.

Initially, Brooke did not trust Kelso and didn't want him in the child's life while apologizing for it after he decided to come through.

Eventually, Kelso convinced her to give him another chance and she even had a brief relationship with him. Brooke’s opinion changed after he became responsible and helped out. She moved to Chicago with her mother in order to be better provided for. She later gave birth to Betsy in 1979.

When Kelso decided to take a more active role in their child’s upbringing, Brooke was pleased with this and even allowed him to pick the godparents.

At the end of season 8, Kelso moves to Chicago to be closer to his daughter, and it is lightly hinted at that they resumed their relationship.